Nomura Talks FFVII Remake Post E3 2015

This week’s Famitsu magazine featured short interviews with game industry individuals who brought a lot for fans to look forward to at E3 2015, including Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. The interview was conducted after E3, primarily discussing the Final Fantasy VII remake and how Nomura has been since the announcement.

You can read my translation below, let me know if you like it or link it on Twitter! Are you happy to hear that Nomura is also concerned about the what will change in the FFVII remake?


— Your projects, the full remake version of Final Fantasy VII as well as the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, were revealed at E3 2015. Fans were really excited for this, especially the announcement of a full FFVII remake at the PlayStation E3 Experience 2015 Press Conference.

Nomura: The reaction was truly amazing. I got messages from those in Japan as well, and I was up until morning corresponding with them.

— Were you present at the conference when it was announced?

Nomura: I was there. There was a separate place for staff, and I was alone there, watching the announcements unfold… When I heard the cheering, my hands started to shake.

— Why was that?

Nomura: I wonder why… I guess it was an emotional reaction.

— The atmosphere at the conference certainly was extraordinary. After the announcement, what were overseas media outlets most interested in asking about?

Nomura: Most people asked about the Honey Bee Inn scenes. (Laughs)

— About that!? (Laughs) What about Aerith?

Nomura: I told them that one of the reasons for remaking FFVII is to share it with people who haven’t played the original, so that being the case, asking about her is sort of a spoiler.

— I see, that makes sense. However, we’ve heard leaks about little things as well as fundamental content in the remake from overseas media sources. For instance, Cloud’s crossdressing event will return, etc.

Nomura: I told them, “Please look forward to the scenes that remained memorable from the original.”

— When did production on the FFVII remake begin?

Nomura: I don’t remember exactly, but I know it was sometime last year.

— That’s relatively recent. In the teaser trailer, it looks like there is a billboard with a CG image of Aya from Parasite Eve posted on it… Is there a deeper meaning behind it?

Nomura: That billboard is about LOVELESS (an epic book of poetry from the FFVII universe, the billboard also existed in the original PS version), but it seems that Aya was used just to play around in Visual Works. (Laughs)

— Doing a full remake of FFVII doesn’t mean just improving it visually, but making actual changes to the game itself, and it seems there are also fans concerned about that.

Nomura: I get why it’s concerning, I’m included in that group. From the developer’s standpoint, conflicts continue over the ways thing will change. That may be the most difficult part about doing a full remake. Nevertheless, we are doing it, so making it interesting and in a way that suits this generation requires modifying it. Of course that includes the graphics, but the game parts themselves must not be ignored. I believe that the gameplay takes priority over the graphics.

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